Written by miechu   
Wednesday, 26 October 2011 20:24

After making Frosties free wild things happened to its rankings. topappcharts.com is a great site where you can track rankings of most apps on the AppStore. Frosties have their piece there as well, and you can see it here. Here's the nice visualization you can find there:

And it's from the most crowded store, US AppStore, and due to traffic there it's really hard to make it to top 100 on any list. Within three days Frosties was downloaded 8K times, 2600 in US, and it made it to number of Top100s all over AppStore, occupying even 1st places in some of them (Trivia games in Nederlands and Czech, for example).

All in all it seems people like Frosties. If so, it means game didn't sell initially due to poor (lack of) marketing. Note to self: marketing is more important than implementing last cool features.


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