Sales update - even worse!
Written by miechu   
Monday, 26 September 2011 00:00

I was of course expecting it, but Frosties's sales are on the ground now - see chart below.

I'm the one to blame - I've just came back from vacation where I had sweet time away from internet. But now I'm back with some data and ideas!

As you can see game sells like crap. It already had couple of days with no sales, and on average it sells 1-2 copies per day - a disaster. If I was to make a living out of it, it would be really bad! But there's still something I can do, following what someone said that a game nowadays is more of a service than a product - it needs to live to gain attention and fans. And that's my plan!

Currently I'm working on a Frosties' update. I haven't decided on the scope yet, but here's a brief list of things that I think about fitting in:

  • new game board shape - hexagon board
  • time-trial mode where you have up to 3 or 5 seconds to make a move
  • achievements - I'll need to come up with a fun list first
  • OpenFeint integration - this one's simple to code, but needs a way of scoring players... need to design it first :D

There's one more thing I plan do to in near future. I had a read about what makes for a good iTunes/App Store app rescription and how important screenshots are - I always knew this was important, but I feel I still failed to do it right. So I plan to put some effort in preparing proper description for the game, and grab some decent screenshots. And this time I'll do some processing on them, like putting them in iPhone/iPad frame, adding additional "whizz" like everyone does. I remember in the old days, when I was releasing my first game Apple required screenshots to be exactly what you can see in the app, with no additional artist's touch - it seems it's no longer the case, judging by what you can see on the App Store.

One last thing I consider doing is having a promo-code give-away so that some people leave reviews on iTunes - currently there are none :( We'll see how it goes, and of course I'll blog it :D


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