First 10 days a.k.a. Epic Fail
Written by miechu   
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 00:00

Like I've promised earlier I'm going to post data on how exactly Frosties are doing. So here goes - below is a graph of first 10 days sales. Enjoy! ;)

In all it's "glory". As you can see post's title is very suitable.

First day's 33 items sold were not something to be ecstatic about. And as usual day two is like 25% of day one, provided there's no additional factors like baners, reviews, luck. None of these happened so day two was 8 sold. From that day on it's just constant descending (with occasional variations).

It would have probably been better if I did invest in a banner on TouchArcade or something, but I do have first hand knowledge that small banners don't help (I've done it for BallFill), and I can't afford a big one. Plus it seems our press release didn't have that "something" to stand out of the crowd, so also no reviews.

One factor that probably affected initial sells, when it was still easy to find Frosties on "New Releases" list on the App Store, was that game's description visible to potencial buyers missess so called "5 second hook" that will make someone buy the app. It could be the artwork, theme, icon, screenshots - it seems none of stuff I've put there has it. Maybe I should consider redoing it? Any hints on how to do that properly?

That's it of now. Stay tuned for next part of "exciting" data on Frosties' sales ;)


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