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Written by miechu   
Sunday, 11 September 2011 00:00

I've decided to make process of marketing, updating and selling Frosties an opened process. I've figured no one did that before (or I simply haven't came across that data) so it should be an interesting read for anyone more or less interested in iOS games development.

And I'm not doing it only because game doesn't sell - this is the case for most games on the App Store. I'm doing it because making iOS games is my hobby and there's no reason not to treat any aspect of it differently - I'm just going to blog about all parts of my hobby! :D

So during next few days I'm going to post data on how exactly Frosties sell (nice graph included!), what marketing have I done, what are my ideas for future and what's in the update I'm going to submit to Apple any day now.

I hope some people will learn from my experience but I also hope for some comments I can learn from as well. Also: iPhone-dev-wannabes, be warned! ;)

BTW, I've just set up RSS feed for my blog, to make it easier to follow my scribblings - you can find proper button on the left. Enjoy!


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