The game in a nutshell: Frosties is a puzzle head to head game. Each turn you can unfreeze one creature. If your move creates a line of unfrozen creatures stretching between two edges of the board, you score points. You win if your score is better than your opponent's when all the Frosties are freed. 

You can play against AI or another player, via Game Center or on the same device. 

Game features:

  • three game modes - vs AI, human player on one device, and online multiplayer
  • two game boards
  • in-game win/loss statistics
  • three AI difficulty levels
  • pretty landscape! 
  • it's Universal! 



Two board shapes!


And there's still more to come in coming updates: 

  • hexagonal board! 
  • time-trial game type! 
  • lots of achievements! 
  • and whatever cool you suggest!