Frosties Open Beta summary
Written by zill   
Thursday, 18 August 2011 22:14

Frosties beta test has concluded, and the game is heading for submission.

Thanks a lot to all sixteen participants! Your contribution was extremely valuable, because you didn't just keep an eye on bugs. As game's authors, we're sort of blind to entire category of issues, namely - usability. We're too used to the interface, and everything is too obvious to us.

Among other things, you made us aware of how unintuitive our icons were. There are several approaches to fixing this, but we're going to use a little less pure icons, and a little more text.

You also told us a win simply didn't feel rewarding enough. The game essentially just says "you win!", and that's it. But winning is a very special event that deserves more emotional engagement. After all, if you care about winning, then so should we (and we do, we just aren't showing it). Long story short - we would like to end a game with a little more bang. 


There are also a few things we've learned about beta testing. Firstly, if you ask someone personally, they're more likely to help you than if they receive a broadcast. Secondly, there is a tradeoff involved with posting your call for beta testers on forums (ones that allow this kind of advertisement, of course). On a small forum, hardly anyone will read your message. But on a big one, the message will not stay on the front page for long, and it's not very polite to keep bouncing it up. Thirdly, while everyone tends to be helpful and constructive, some people put so much effort in their feedback they basically help us move our work in a new direction!

A very optimistic outome of the beta test is that there were no showstoppers. The game doesn't crash every five minutes, and it doesn't set your phoneon fire. We're done fixing the bugs, and we've submitted Frosties to Apple.

Our planned release date is September 1.



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