New game... finally!
Written by miechu   
Monday, 18 July 2011 18:05

After 6 months in little-spare-time-development, countless hours, many short nights, I announce my new game... (drums)... Frosties! High time I've started talking about it if I want people to even know it exists ;)

What is Frosties? It's a head-to-head puzzle game which you can play versus AI, your human buddy on one device, as well as vs anyone via network (both cell and wifi using Game Center). Game's being powered by Cocos 2d for iPhone game engine (I'll have a separate post about it). It's Universal and has really nice graphics drawn by a real artist this time around ;) Sound is also done professionally so it's the best looking and sounding game/app I've ever done! See for yourselves (disclaimer: still not final!)


Next couple of weeks are looking to be busy. Need to start telling people about my game, plug in remaining assets, close remaining little bugs, polish, organize beta-tests, create a dedicated web-page... And all that by myself... not anymore! I've  managed to talk one of my friends into taking part in marketing Frosties. Full of ideas and enthusiasm - and he's "just" a game designer! ;)

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1 Monday, 18 July 2011 23:01
Looks fun. Best of luck!

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