iFader and Internet Radios
Written by miechu   
Thursday, 03 February 2011 14:15

I've received an email the other day from a guy considering purchasing iFader for one purpose - fading in and out internet radio app's volume. Sadly the answer was that iFader won't help him. He proved to be a curious person, wanting to know some details, and I was kind enough to give to him ;)

So the thing is all iFader does is fading in or out iPod app's volume, that?s all. There's special API for it. And since iOS SDK doesn't have any API to modify just any app's volume, or device's volume, functionality desired by (lets call him) Tim is impossible to code... legally.

Now, since iPhone, iPad and other iDevices are, in the end, just a piece of hardware, it is possible to control it directly, but that would require hacking SDK, or doing ugly (illegal) things to your device, so I won't write about it - who knows who'll be reading this ;)

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1 Thursday, 30 June 2011 10:02
Hi, I do like to find a app (ipod) that would be able to fade music out and fade in a new song.
The purpose is to use it in a bar so the music keeps going.
Would you know of an app like that?
kind regards,

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