High time to implement something
Written by miechu   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 10:32

So finally I've re-acquired all certificates needed to develop iOS apps and I'm getting ready to implement something. Like I said before, I have lots of ideas to implement. A list that will never be done in full, so why not share it, right? I'm still not ready to do that just yet, though. ;)

I've decided to start simple. I'd like to implement one of those numerous games we used to play with pen and paper instead of listening to whatever teacher was saying. And by 'we' I mean current 30-or-so-year-olds from Poland ;) Of course the fact that I wanted to start simple doesn't necessarily means I did! So instead of doing a simple "Human vs AI" gameplay I'm already implementing a local 'hot seat' multiplayer, not to mention looking into ways of doing regular network games! So I've found this article good starting point to have low-implementation-cost multiplayer. And speaking of Apple's Game Center, as a registered Open Feint developer I'd found this to be a convenient way of mixing the two. Although I've found this post alarming - I need to investigate it a bit.

I'm posting all those links mostly for my own reference - I need to keep those things somewhere so why not on my dev (we)bLog :) I'm a kind of person that keeps all found interesting links in opened browser's tabs, which can get messy pretty quickly - so maybe from now on I'll have it organised better :D


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