Open Feint
Written by miechu   
Tuesday, 02 February 2010 20:10

So finally I've submitted Ball Fill 2.0 which main feature is Open Feint support. It got approved in less than 5 days (impressive performance compared to AppStore's early days ;)) I haven't updated the Lite version, though. And I still struggle if I should do that at all..

To my surprise Ball Fill 2.0's approval had no impact on game's sales. I has been some time since I've released last app update, to it took me three days of background thinking process to remember that as soon as you get 'your app is ready for sale' email you need to go straight to iTunesConnect and change app's launch date to current one - then it shows up as a 'new' app in AppStore (which, of course, has a major impact on sales). And... I've forgotten to do that! ;( I've done that after those three days, but it was too late..

In the mean time I've had yet another brilliant game idea (have I mentioned ten other ideas I haven't had time to implement yet?)! Even my friend, who's an expert in seeing holes in game designs, likes it a lot. Ehh... When will I finally find the time to code anything non-trivial!?!


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