iFader 2.0
Written by miechu   

Have you ever wanted your favorite music app to fade out and stop playing after some time? You could use it as a sleep timer that will gently put you to sleep? Or maybe you wanted to fade some music in, to wake you up from a power nap? That's where iFader kicks in! It can fade iPod's music in or out during any given time span! (Disclaimer: up to 24 hours)


  • fading timer up to 24 hours
  • starts fading at any specified moment (i.e. not only at timer start)
  • fading in or out device?s volume (you can specify target volume)
  • works with all kinds of music sources, from iPod app and internet radios to games
  • works with docking stations
  • option to stop iPod app?s playback when timer's done
  • option to reset volume to initial value when timer's done
  • multitasking support (limited to 10 minutes)
  • badge on app?s icon displaying remaining countdown time

Available NOW on on the AppStore iFader

How to use iFader

Main screen contains one time picker, Session Timer - you set how long how long will the whole process last.

Configuration screen has more options.

  • Start fading when Session Timer reaches - when will actual fading start. It will kick in when ?Session Timer? has this much time left
  • Fading target volume - what is the desired volume at the end of fading. Set it to less then current volume to fade audio out, or to more than current volume to fade sound in.
  • Stop iPod playback when done - when fading?s done iFader can stop iPod app.
  • Reset volume to initial value when done - when fading starts iFader remembers what was the initial value, and can set volume back to that value when fading?s done.

If you close iFader app when countdown is in progress you?ll see feedback on app icon?s badge. If time left is more than a minute badge will display number of hours and minutes left, in military-like fashion, for example: 1230 means 12 hours and 30 minutes left, 102 means and hour and two minutes, 54 means 54 minutes, and so on. If time?s less than a minute it will display seconds left.

One thing to note about iFader running in background. Due to operating system restrictions iFader will be killed off after 10 minutes in background so if you set Session Timer to more than 10 minutes iFader won't be able to perform desired action. iFader will work normally if it remains current application, even if device is locked.

When you setup everything you need you can start a session and enjoy fading!

Hope you enjoy iFader! And feel free to send us your feedback - we want to make iFader as good as possible!"