Ball Fill 1.3 is out, so a little something on updates.
Written by miechu   
Thursday, 21 May 2009 09:42

Today Ball Fill 1.3 update has been approved. Not everything went as usual, so there's something to write about.

When previous updates/application were accepted I (as a developer) received an email saying something like "Your application is ready for sale". Now, there's a some voodoo with updates being accepted. If you want your app to show on top of New list you need to change release date of your game to the current date as soon as an update/application is accepted... an this time there was no email!

Doing a regular look through my pages in the morning I've noticed my updates are gone (that was my initial thought)! You see updates until approved are represented as separate apps awaiting approval. So when I saw 2 apps (BF and BF Lite) instead of 4, and not having received approval email, I panicked - for a second ;) I was checking my iTunes Connect account on my trusty iPhone so I didn't notice what was clear after zooming in: apps version numbers were updated to 1.3 :)

So I started the voodoo. I didn't set the current date though. I try to be smart on this and set release date to May 22nd. I figured people will do more downloading during weekend... I wonder if that's correct. If this doesn't work too well I'll do it the other way around next time ;)

On second thought maybe it _is_ the other way around? Many times I've read about sales of apps being lower than it could because of apps being undownloadable (is that even a word?) through non-wifi network connections. It seems people tend to download games being at work, travel or other places without WiFi. It makes sense - they look through app store to find new games to kill some time. It could be backed up with information on one of big iPhone games sites - traffic rarely peaks during weekends, and does usually peak on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hmmm.. interesting.

So I guess I wasn't so smart with that release date after all ;) Oh well, another day, another experience!

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1 Friday, 22 May 2009 12:21
I was wondering how it all works, thanks! BTW, great game!

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