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Written by miechu   
Saturday, 16 May 2009 07:55

I wanted to submit another Ball Fill's update as soon as possible (since now it's off sale), so I've sat down this morning to my trusty Mac Mini and fixed a bug in present in Ball Fill 1.2. I've also added new game mode I've been working on recently. I've closed all changes in an hour or so and started submission process...

I've logged in iTunes Connect as usual and started the process. First sign of "something's not right" was and error message when I'd clicked 'Update Application' for Ball Fill. Message was something like "I/O error. Please try again later or contact customer support". Since every developer knows how swiftly 'customer support' works I picked the 'try again later' way. So 3 seconds later I tried it again and, a miracle, it worked! Ok, that was a relief since the idea of weeks of waiting for a response from customer support didn't appeal to me.

So I continued the process. But when I tried to submit my new binaries I got "There was an error saving changes. Please try again later or contact customer support". Guess what I didn't do ;) I tried couple of times with waiting and not, changing binary zip file name to the one submitted the last time it worked, nothing helped.. So I logged out and started the process from scratch... and this time no errors, no warnings, nothing. Success!

In the end I was able to submit Ball Fill 1.3 as well as Ball Fill Lite 1.3. Now waiting for approval keeping my fingers crossed Apple reviewer won't find anything that slipped my attention (no known bugs at this point!).

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1 Friday, 14 August 2009 08:28
Im having the same issue submitting to Apple for our application "JellyRadio" and its a pain to deal with. I still have not gotten past the error.

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