Honorable thing to do
Written by miechu   
Thursday, 14 May 2009 09:37

I wanted to write about Ball Fill's story, how it all happened and what adventures I've had on my quest to publish my game. But early today something happened what I have to write about if I want to treat this blog seriously. So... Ball Fill is down! I had to remove Ball Fill from sale and here's how it happened.

Some two weeks ago I've submitted Ball Fill 1.2 to the AppStore. After two days I've found a bug in submitted version, but I thought "hey, no big deal - I'll just submit fixed version as soon as this one is approved". It was reasonable since this was a minor bug and probably not many people would run into it during the those 7 days update review is usually taking. And there was also greedy part of me saying "and two updated are better than one!" (I'll write a 'number post' soon to justify myself).

Anyway, after a week Apple did finish Ball Fill's update review and... rejected it! This was my first rejection so I was kinda pissed off and disappointed, but I manged to reason myself that's their sandbox and I need to play by their rules. The reason for rejection, by the way, was that in "What's New In This Version" section I've put "Now you can listen to your favorite iPhod music while playing the game" which is true provided you turn off all sounds in game's options and restart the game. My mistake was I didn't put those instructions into game's descriptions planning to do it after update's approval. So every time Apple's review person started the game his/hers iPod music turned off. My Bad.

BTW, I plan to investigate if it's possible to detect whether iPod music is currently playing when the game is lunching and handle it properly. Anyone done something like that? So far I've just seen screens asking "Do you want game sounds?" or something similar.

Ok, ad rem. When my update was rejected I haven't had a fixed version ready. I mean the bug was fixed, but I was already developing 1.3 version which had some non-trivial changes under the hood. Due to my limited time resources I've just submitted some zip file I had named BallFill_v12 assuming that at the time of creation I was reasonable enough not to call this way something that's not functional. It was a mistake an epic FAIL!

Apple reviewer didn't spot any problems, so submitted binaries were functional enough to get through, but not functional enough for me to sell this version. It has been approved early this morning (CET) and as soon as I found out it has this major flaw (no online highscores for example) I've removed current Ball Fill version from sale. I think this was the only proper thing to do. I could have been selling this version the whole week before my fix gets approved, but that wouldn't be fair.

Ball Fill will be available again as soon as 1.3 update will be approved (I'll submit it tomorrow).


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