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Written by miechu   
Wednesday, 13 May 2009 12:02

I decided to start a developer blog. There's ton of things I'd like to transmit to people that would like to learn how indie developer's life looks like.

This is my first blog post ever (never blogged privately) so be patient - I'm a fast learner and I'll get this right quickly :) Of course any feedback will increase my learning speed.

So, if you came to this site by accident let me introduce myself. My name is Mieszko and I'm Poland based part time indie iPhone game developer. Eye Cog is my creation and so far I'm the only developer here! I'm not a newbie in Game Dev since I've been working in it for nearly 6 years now. I still hold my full time job in the industry and code iPhone only in my spare time (not much of it recently by the way). This blog will contain my experiences with iPhone development, my ups and downs, dos and donts. Hope this will be of any help to anyone, or at least a nice read ;)


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