25 days of ads
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011 00:00

I've promised an update after a week of ads-driven Frosties. And I didn't do it. Or actually I do - right now! It's been 25 days now and I'm doing to give you some insight into how it went.

First week was (obviously!) great - the profit was not that good, but anything was better than the previous two weeks of no Frosties' sales, and it gave me a lot of insight into this new business model. I've used three different ads providers: iAds (Apple), AdMob (Google) and MobFox. Here's how first full 7 days shaped:

As you can see it's almost all iAds. Partly because I made iAds my app's first choice, but due to iAds (mostly) poor fill rate it was showing AdMob's a lot more often - as much as iAds 3.5k vs AdMob's 18.5k impressions on one of best days. It's just that iAds eCPM is so ridiculously hight! On average 20-30 times more than AdMob's, not to mention occasional sky-high one-day-one-territory CPM of $160 - true story, seen it with my own eyes! Anyway, here's a nice pie chart showing revenue shares of mentioned ad networks.
I'm not talking about MobFox much since it failed me. Poor fill rate resulted in it not bringing me almost any money in second half of the week. I was actually considering dropping it all together but it did start producing some revenue after first week.

After first 8 days iAds lost some steam - maybe game has been played a bit less by gamer in iAds enabled countries, maybe just a coincidence. The result is visible in chart below. iAds still rule, but AdMob still delivers with near perfect fill rate of 99.58%. This is how revenue shares shaped after first week.

To sum up, switching over to ads-driven business model did generate more money than initial regular $1 per copy deal. After 10 days of showing ads I've earned as much as in 90 days of sales of paid Frosties copies. Plus, game has been downloaded over 11k times. 22k+ game sessions by 8k active users generated over 25k games vs AI and near 8k games against human opponent. Why is it good you might ask? This proves (somewhat) that game is fun and it lacked proper (or in fact any) marketing when initially released - btw, it's so much easier to market free product ;)


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